Thursday, September 23, 2010

Modisikasi Honda Vario 2010 Bermandikan Batu Permata

Modisikasi Honda Vario 2010 Bermandikan Batu Permata

About art, Bali should not be resisted, deh. In modifying the motor, as has been done Bayu Santoso on Honda Vario 2006, they not only highlight the flow of low rider alone. Colors melaburi body has its own meaning. Then, the whole body filled with hundreds of gemstones.

Bayu choose the color purple not because want to appear classy. Color is a philosophy. If in Sanskrit, the man from Bali is clear, purple has the meaning of luck, perfection, and the friendliness of the owner.

Gambar Modifikasi Honda Vario 2010

Not surprisingly, elegant and sporty blend modification resulting Bayu so perfect. Starting from front to back (nearly 80 per cent), this motor uses fiber material, such as fused, with a neat detail. Includes indentations on the body, that part is made of futuristic and redesigned. That way, part of the standard body has not left.

Headlights, although still the standard, the house was made more pointed by a shield which has been separated from the body. As for the rear, for a strong sporty impression, then re-designed like MotoGP. As a result, the seat model was turned into single seater.

Various components of variation to support the sporty appearance was installed. There is a cardboard model racing front suspension SRX Racing, which combined disc brakes. To handle, cardboard selected Yoshimura. Then, the instrument panel also nuanced sport.

Meanwhile, Bayu'll enjoy an elegant impression on the deck. "Deck the bottom of the neck is made extra to cover the exhaust," said the modifiers of everyday use Honda Vario it to the office. To prevent the bottom of the fiber is not broken due to impact by hard objects, then the part was coated plate.

Besides color, inviting attention to the appearance of this Vario is a sprinkling of precious stones in the whole body. The amount was abysmal responsibility, ie, 450 grains. This amount is reasonable because the distance between the gem-stones of 10 cm. Until the handlebars and the saddle was attached gemstone. (Belo) Source: Foto:MOTOR PLUS/GT


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