Thursday, September 30, 2010

The best Devon GTX California

MANUFACTURER cars Devon Devon Motor Works launches GTX California that has a classic look without leaving the futuristic side which can compete with other cars in the class of ultra-exclusive. This car also managed to break the record when he joined some validation tests of vehicles in California's Willow Springs Raceway.

This vehicle contains a blend of Swedish designer Daniel Paulin and founder Scott Devon that inspired mix of aesthetics, dynamic strength, and by tactical explain tough and dashing figure. Devon GTX not only managed to adopt a rival - Dodge Viper - in terms of technology, even stepped over.

Body front of Devon GTX minimalist look, while the overall exhaust featuring dual exhaust attached parallel to the chrome style. Devon GTX has two butterfly doors that evoke memories of the Gullwing Mercedes.

While the interior Devon GTX has a sports car seat structure is carbon fiber. With dual-grained view on the entire surface of the skin, with a touch of tasteful modern classic. This all is an orientation of simplicity, function, leaving no aspect of beauty while driving.

With a powerful engine performance 650 horsepower (484.7 kw), Devon GTX is able to reach speeds of 6100 rpm with a 6-speed manual. Handling is very comfortable with the system of Continuously Variable Damping. An electronically controlled system to reduce power and provide a response on the tires for a good adaptation occurs on road conditions.

The development of automobile products Devon GTX is led by former Ford executive namely Andy Benekdiktus. Meanwhile, automobile assembly and manufacturing is headed by Clive Hawkins, founder of the Aryan group. Who stand behind the aerodynamic testing of Devon GTX is Dr. Joseph Katz of San Diego State University and former champion "Le Mans" Justin Bell.

This car is generally produced as many as 36 new pieces per year and became available in 2010, and planned to be priced per unit price of U $ 500,000. By producing a small scale, the manufacturer Devon Motorworks will be much easier to see the development of the Devon GTX.


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