Thursday, September 30, 2010

Four Door Sports Car makes the Aston Martin

Four Door Sports Car makes the Aston Martin

Four Door Sports Car makes the Aston Martin

Four Door Sports Car makes the Aston Martin

Four Door Sports Car makes the Aston Martin

new products in the category of the Four Door Sports Car makes the Aston Martin did not want to miss.
RAPIDE lined up to star as a 4-door sports car with a capacity of 4 passengers first of the Aston Martin though the label was not entirely correct. In 1941 Aston Martin launched the Atom which has 4 doors and a capacity of 4 passengers. Similarly, the Lagonda in 1976 and Virage Lagonda in 1994.

But with so many competitors in this segment, Aston Martin created the hype that seems to express RAPIDE is a direct answer on the Maserati Quattroporte and the Mercedes CLS-C Class.

RAPIDE first introduced as a concept car in 2006 at the North American International Auto Show. The name is taken from the Lagonda RAPIDE RAPIDE, famous cars produced by the manufacturer Lagonda which is now part of Aston Martin.

Different from the tradition of many years, was the first car output RAPIDE Aston Martin are not produced in the UK. Instead, Aston Martin created a special factory in Graz, Austria to assemble the composition of this car. The plan initially, 2,000 fruit Aston Martin is ready to slide on the road this year.

Essentially as a sports car meet, RAPIDE has an impressive kitchen runway like other commonly-made Aston Martin. With a 6.0 liter V12 engine bertorsi high, RAPIDE promises a satisfactory pace. With the rapid movement of inter-transmission, not so difficult to achieve high speeds with RAPIDE.

RAPIDE traction on the street really fascinating. With progressive acceleration, even on slippery roads will not be your heart pounding when it drove at high speed. The resulting noise level was quite friendly RAPIDE, but at high engine speed, RAPIDE can be very noisy and disturbing environment.

Adaptation of the Ford Fiesta
From the interior, RAPIDE also have something different from its competitors. Aston Martin's Chief Designer, Marek Reichman, trying to meet the demands of the class as a passenger car that can carry 4 adults and luggage, but also a stylish car at the same time. Latest trend is to create a 4-door coupe as seen on the Mercedes-Benz CLS, Porsche Panamera, and Lamborghini Estoque 2008.

Compared with the names above, RAPIDE more beautiful and impressive interior with a long body that gives the impression of space. The back of the car is designed as simple as possible for easy access to the part load of goods.

Inside the cabin, has a touch Aston RAPIDE that give the feel of a typical UK with seats wrapped in leather and metal setting knob. Window and seat control system is the original made in the Aston but the steering is an adaptation of the Ford Fiesta.

Although the roof RAPIDE quite low, but still a lot of empty space so that the head of the driver and passengers do not stumble. The seat back is narrower than the front but still in the stage that is convenient for passengers, while the front seats made by Recaro provide comfort as expected.

At low speeds feels that RAPIDE will be hard to control with front wheels that move illegal. But strangely, the higher you push RAPIDE, it will be easier to control. At one point it seemed that the mechanics Aston Martin tried to make alternative chassis settings instead of optimizing existing chassis. Use Brembo braking system which is guaranteed quality. Strong, responsive, and secure.

For cars with a capacity of 4 passengers, RAPIDE is made by a quick and charming. At first glance looks great, but you will not be difficult to park it. RAPIDE will be launched in April 2010 and given a $ 199,950 price tag.


Manufacturer: Aston Martin
Production: 2010
Class: Grand Tourer
Body style (s): 4-door saloon / coupe
Engine (s): 6.0 L V1
Unit Price: $ 199.950 (USD)
Power: 470 bhp (350 kW, 477 PS)
Transmission: Six-speed Touchtronic
0-100 km / h: 5.1 seconds


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