Thursday, September 23, 2010

Modifikasi Yamaha RX King : Legend of the king with the power inside 2010

This is a modification of shipments from Java land, precisely the city of Solo. Mas Suryo is that sending photos to my bike modification Via Fesbuk networking. Actually there are two motors that are sent to me megapro and RX king. In this article RX king was chosen for TMC perched on the blog. Title article itself, Legend of the king with the power inside, which make Mas Suryo. Ok let's get started. According to the owner, is themed Speed Motorcycle Touring. Motorcycle touring is very pleasant to be kenceng so about its meaning.

What wrote that a change in the motor that menghabisakan Modif 8 Jeti fund this?

Yamaha RX King Modifications - Specifications:

* Carburetor: NSR SP
* Kop cylinders: Yamaha YZ
* Magnet Set: Yamaha YZ
* Piston: Daytona
* Gas Spontaneous Daytona
* Muffler: 3v3 Solo By Beny Teeth
* Rear Shock: Yoshimura
* Swing Arm: SuperTrack Oval
* Headlights-back: New RX King
* Front tire: Duro R 17
* Rear Tires Duro R18
* Wheels: DID
* Accessories Brake Lever: YMAX


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