Monday, September 27, 2010

MODIFIKASI Honda Megapro ‘06

MODIFIKASI Honda Megapro ‘06

No root finished rattan. Perhaps this adage to be a reference in connection Dede sport-fairing modifications are drived. "Quite long harbored a desire to have a big motor moge alias, but what was to hand power. This 2006 favorite megapro alerts are plotted with the modification that more big body, "explained Harjito Metal, Custom builder who flagged Moto hand over responsibility workmanship. Of course, Facebook made similar moge.

Broadly speaking, bodykit fiber made from a clear and unequivocal is in addition to custom designs are plotted. Its main side fairing coupled deltabox, fenders, front cover, tank and seat two-seater.

"To look more sporty, so I used the headlights of Nouvo Z," explained Harjito, explaining if the rear a little like belonging to the CBR 600. Following tradition, the legs follow suit.

"Moreover, body shape already seen bongsor. Looks funny if not upgraded, "said Dede, who is a self-employed singles. "Macho image presented through the use of the swing arm handmade from the pipe box and monosok by Knight," said Harjito Metal who recently ended his bachelor. If this happens, hopefully though not yet satisfied too can have moge. | Ogy

Modif spec:
Swingarm: Handmade, Sok REAR: Satria, FRONT TIRE: Swallow 2.75, REAR TIRE: Swallow 3:50, VELG: Power, DISC FRONT: PSM, rear disc: Satria, exhaust: Custom, modifier: Harjito Metal, ADDRESS: Moto Custom, Jl . Kingdom Klampok-Banjarnegara or HP: 081327335387
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