Thursday, September 30, 2010

Modifikasi Honda Jazz besutan anak jakarta


Modifikasi Honda Jazz besutan anak jakarta

Car manufacturer Honda is currently poised total overhaul of their most popular hatchback. The plan's new car Jazz will come out in 2012 with a cheaper price than today.

Second largest car manufacturer in Japan that will produce the Honda Fit or Jazz that is completely different than the Fit or Jazz present but with prices 20-30 percent cheaper but without reducing the quality of the material car.

Head of Purchasing Division, Honda Motor Corporation, Masaya Yamashita said it was intended to inhibit the growth of Hyundai is currently the craze. Hyundai by Yamashita was able to provide a cheap car but with good quality.

How, Honda will adapt the components to be used on their cars in the future. Honda no longer going to make a car that example alone is able to walk with a very high temperature in India but also can walk in the freezing point in Canada with the same car.

This means that the material condition of car components every country will be adapted to natural conditions and the way the country concerned and will not be beaten flat today. With this move is expected to Honda would be able to cut the selling price of their cars.

"Hyundai has become a very tough competitor for us and they grew with extraordinary speed, along with Chinese and Indian car makers, because they see the components of a new angle," said Yamashita like detikOto quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (22 / 9 / 2010).

"Stereotypes are used now is that cheap prices come from low-quality components, but it is no longer the case. We need to operate with a new standard for components," he added.

Later the latest Honda Jazz or Fit that will be the 'product model' for Honda. Because the Honda Jazz or Fit in countries such as Japan, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Britain and Brazil are currently using the same design and material for most components. For that Honda of course had to buy the best components with high prices, this is what makes the price of their cars so it could not compete.

"For example, if we design the cup, we are designing that can withstand intense heat in India until the cold weather in Canada, and it is in vain (because it makes the price so expensive)," he added.

In Indonesia, Honda Jazz sold from Rp 197 million to USD 225 million. This price is by some considered to be too expensive for the size hatchback.


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