Sunday, September 26, 2010

Detail lampu Yamaha FZ8 keluaran terbaru
Gambar Yamaha FZ8 keluaran terbaru

Detail lampu Yamaha FZ8 keluaran terbaru

Tunggangan Yamaha FZ8 keluaran terbaru

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, Yamaha, finally officially launched the FZ8 and Fazer8 to replace FZ6R and FZ6. Both models are also believed to be capable of continued strength in the world market FZ6.

The two new models that use the same chassis used by the FZ1, but carry strong 779 cc engine, smaller than an engine capacity FZ
which reached 998 cc.

But even so, the power generated both still big enough that could reach 104.7 hp at 10,000 rpm engine speed with torque
Maximum 60.5 ft-lb at 8000 rpm.

Because of the strength of that, Yamaha was spry and provides a variety of safety features, although it is still optional. Features such as anti-lock brake system (ABS) are available for potential owners and Fazer8 FZ8.

The difference lies in the form of both his own tank. When FZ8 carries the form of tanks, aka naked naked bike, Fazer8 appear more 'closed' with a little additional fairing on the front of the tank and form a more sporty headlights.

but for the whole, both appearing with frightening because of his stocky and aggressive design lines that appear on the Yamaha motorcycle
will come out in Europe first.


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