Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Modifikasi Yamaha New Jupiter MX 2010 - Moped Racing Look

Yamaha New Jupiter MX 135 is didaulat champion in the class II Moped Racing Look, Yamaha Mofest Modification Contest II, Region III, Medan. Surely the eyes of baseball can be separated from the concept of graphical plots MX 135 X-treme Abadi (XA), Pekanbaru, Riau, which was inspired from riding Colin Edwards and James Toseland of Tech 3 Yamaha Monster. Maybe there is hope of Teddy Abadi, the modifier, his work could be mounts Collin and Toseland for operational paddock.3221109-mofest-dvd-2.jpg

Overall XA suitable work is called racing look. From the front, wings, tail until the seat plus a fine line sports ducks. To the extent that the position of the front of the low added contrived to touch sepatbor. That is, a user ergonomics MX 135 will slightly feel the position of the body which rada down.

3222109-dvd-mofest 3.jpgBelum longer-wing grooves designed like fairing. Teddy tried hard to be dressed like the MX 135 had YZR-M1 Tech 3 Yamaha team monster. A unique, top-right-left-wing New dicoak three lines like gill shark.

Unfortunately, there are fundamental things of modification XA. But unfortunately close to perfect the concept is flawed because the bottom of the fairing there is still problematic. On the connection is less unified body because it may be fitted baseball and in a hurry. Understandably pursued an urgent time.

Even so, it should be given a reward for Teddy that had tried to the maximum. Colin Edwards wrote perhaps willing to ride it. Amen.


Front tire: Dunlop 80/90-17
Rear tire: 110/90-17 Dunlop
Sokbreker front: Marzocchi
Footsteep: TDR
Arm swing: Yamaha Spark-Z


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