Thursday, September 30, 2010

A dream car is designed MASERATI GRANCABRIO
A dream car is designed MASERATI GRANCABRIO
A dream car is designed MASERATI GRANCABRIO

A dream car is designed and created for people who love life and sophisticated
Occurrences GranCabrio, the third series of this Maserati complete manufacturer's product line bearing the trident, which now consists of three families: Quattroporte, GranTurismo, and GranCabrio.

GranCabrio represents the true essence of the point of view of Maserati will be open-topped car. All aspects inherent in traditional grandeur GranCabrio have Maserati. Starting elegant design from renowned automotive design house Pininfarina, up to a roomy interior. Start of construction vehicles that mostly done by hand, to the enjoyment of driving and top performance.

Maserati GranCabrio tickle your senses in open-air driving experience without sacrificing comfort and performance. A dream car is designed and created for people who love life and sophisticated. Like the cars of other open-topped, GranCabrio is a special vehicle designed for special people too.

Maserati will continue the tradition GranCabrio cars high taste with the roof open. The first time issued a convertible Maserati was in 1950, A6G Frua Spyder, and forwarded to the present with a significant row of vehicles in open-topped model.

Even so, GranCabrio open a new chapter in the history of Maserati since the previous manufacturer based in Modena, Italy, has never produced a car with a capacity of 4 passengers with an open roof. Four passenger seat contained in GranCabrio created proportionally with the advanced comfort, making the trip with GranCabrio, 2 passengers in the rear is not a supporting actor, but also the main actor.

Kitchen spur GranCabrio filled by the 4.7-liter V8-powered engine, 323 kW is able to produce top speed up to 283 km / h when the state closed the roof. With a 5-speed transmission that has a brief interval at each displacement, GranCabrio promises explosive performance when lauched on the road.

Tradition Maserati
Besutan class is equipped with Skyhook as the standard suspension. Braking system uses dual-cast technology created in collaboration with a leading brake manufacturer, Brembo, and previously has been successfully applied to the GranTurismo and Quattroporte.
GranCabrio roof entirely made of canvas, according to Maserati tradition for decades.

Aerodynamics, aero-acoustic efficiency, and the desire to develop GranCabrio as a car can be driven in all weather encourages the technicians Maserati to create three layers of canvas. It does not only lead to an open canvas to be customized, but also bring benefits in terms of aerodynamics due to the gravitational force obtained decreased significantly.

Just in 28 seconds, the passenger can feel the open-air driving experience. The mechanism of opening / closing the roof can even be done while the car is moving with maximum speed of 30 km / hour.

Motorists and passengers will be pampered while flying in the cabin GranCabrio. There is an automatic air control system in the car which by itself will regulate internal temperature. In addition, this feature will open the ventilation automatically, depending on the temperature outside the car, solar heat, and humidity.

For entertainment facilities, sound system GranCabrio has been specially created by renowned audio engineer producer, BOSE, which will provide enjoyable experiences listening to music in the open air. Maserati GranCabrio first introduced to the public at the Frankfurt Autoshow 2009 and ready for the market in the last quarter of 2010.


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