Monday, October 4, 2010

Porsche Cayenne Turbo Most Wanted

Porsche Cayenne new generation has ordered 20 units of new although launched in Indonesia 9 July. Type the most ordered are the Cayenne Turbo, or the highest type in the breed Porsche Cayenne.

"Of the 20 orders that had entered it, 60 percent or 12 units of which is a type of Turbo, and the buyer was the highest type of people who previously have understood a Porsche," said Judy W. Widodo, Vice President of Sales & Marketing PT Eurokars Artha Utama (EAU) or PT Porcshe Jakarta Center.

Type which is currently booked in addition to the type of buyer is the type S Turbo, diesel, and hybrid type. This type of hybrid is a type that was first marketed in Indonesia. As is known, Porsche AG Cayenne launched five brand-new type of carpet that the Geneva Auto Show 2010 which took place March 3 to 14 last. Fifth is, the standard Cayenne berbanderol 54.431 Euro or approximately USD 702.54 million.

Second, the Cayenne diesel 59.596 Euro or approximately USD 755.33 million, Cayenne S dibanderol 72.686 Euro or approximately USD 921.24 million. The four hybrid Cayenne S 78.636 Euro or approximately USD 996.65 million. While the fifth type is, the Cayenne Turbo berbaderol 115.526 Euro 1.464 billion. All prices were on the road in the country of origin car. Machine equipped with a standard Cayenne V6 3600 cc, 4800 cc V8 Cayenne S, Turbo type engine hold 4800 cc twin turbo V8. While type diesel engine 3000 cc V6 Cayenne, Cayenne S and the hybrid version using a supercharger V6 3,000 cc engine.

For the official price of Indonesia, said Judy could not confirm it. That, he said, also can be understood by the buyer. The reason, in addition to seeing fluctuations in the rupiah exchange rate against the euro, also see the various components of taxation in the country. Porsche Cayenne is also being marketed in continental Europe, America and some other areas. All types that were introduced in March....


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