Saturday, October 23, 2010

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Sporty Legged Extreme

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Sporty Legged extreme

Modifications skutik big tire wear is common. However, the size of wheels are attached to the Yamaha Mio is 20 inches by 8.5 inches wide it may makes it a bit special. Black rubber with a thin profile 225/30 Nankang brand alloy wheels wrapped earlier. Well, by comparison, wheels and tires are usually mounted on the SUV Nissan X-Trail or Honda CR-V.

Another specialty of Nick's automatic Andiono, tire and wheel business owner Niki Solo (NS), this can be visited on the front foot. Single swing arm design alloy wheels applied for Exe Pegasus model fingers can go with the addition of the adapter 10 cm thick.

The swing arm material of tubular pipe diameter of 4 cm. Pipe is connected with komstir so glance similar to the Vespa, but vary in parts per. There mounted shock absorbers variation Bigbike labeled with tubes.

For the hind legs, was fitted with the retreat-retreat 25 cm. Continue, the suspension system is set in the middle. Process until membobok deck stuff under the seat.

With tires segede it and only held a pipe, how durability? How did about handling? Wadow, do not mention about it. It is certainly troublesome and severe. Please run this bike in traffic. Certainly tengan sore.

Nicky said, Mio which has been overhauled this is only for display at the outlets in Solo NS (NS also exist in Semarang). At this rate, fit was with his wares. (Gombak) Editor: bastian Source:motorplus


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