Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Modifikasi New Yamaha Scorpio 2010 Sportbike Modification

Sector legs became the focus of attention when viewing Yamaha Scorpio from Pontianak, West Kalimantan. For the swinging arm aja using waste Honda VFR 800. This is a pro arm swing arm single largest dimension to the present.

“I intentionally made it so pakaikan become very extreme view. Moreover VFR rim is also very wide,” said Agus Salim, owner of a builder. For the palm of the rear wheel rim aja, wide rim that has reached 6 inches. Front was 3.5 inches. To look conspicuous as the most championed item, then cross back rim was given a red color. “Let those with the more ngeh this scarce,” proud Agus.

Of course, to put it into the framework of Scorpio is not as easy as reversing the palm of his hand. “The difficulty when pairing with the front arm to the framework. Width 29 cm arm that far exceeds the places that can be crammed into Scorpio, so that the order was made more ngangkang,” continued the father of this child.

Unique style of installation is back tomorrow. If you usually stand or monosok vertical, Agus him fall down and positioned under the engine. This use has Monosok Yamaha R1. “Just to make sure experiments are curious people,” continued the man who was also an employee of this timber company.

2798gt-3.jpg “originally had wanted to wear tomorrow but the VFR is too long and looks weird,” beber Motor Success workshop owner based in Jl. Siam, No. 138, Pontianak this. Besides the size issue, it’s R1 has also advantages in the matter of the softer damping due to nitrogen gas.

Also have some R1 tuning setinggan hardness level. But this collapsed when new monosok used road 6 km occurred serious problem. Grip the top or front of the fracture. “Fortunately not hurt,” recalled this friendly guy.

Because the workload is too heavy, the front breket had broken. “To hold office, the front bracket should use a solid pipe, not empty,” continued the man who was also active in the community Kawasaki Ninja, Pontianak this. Doi initially only normal wear hollow tube. Finally, the size of solid iron is 3 / 4 inches and a strong proven path taken.

Meanwhile, for the front legs, Agus uses the complete self-triangles and handlebars cabutan of Suzuki Hayabusa 1300. “Because of dimensions, but it also forms the handlebars really sporty,” he continued. That way is believed to compensate for the all major components in the rear leg tadi.

On the machine do not change that. Reasons for the installation of oil cooler from Yamaha XJR cabutan more for fashion purposes alone. “To be part of the machine can also be seen around the large and full,” added the man who also pedege this moge waste.

The same selection of 38 PWK carburetor KTM 400. “For his own innards are still the standard engine, so yes for display aja deh,” kekehnya sheepishly.

Bodi was excited to lose enggak airbrush flames from Tom Airbrush. While single seat is a variation sitternya Ninja 250R.

LAMPS tempting

2800gt-foot section 5.jpgDi everything was a big plus airbrush hebohnya fire. Well, to make the front were quite tempting, fitted with a unique head lamp using LED lights. Model itself took inspiration from the light variations of Suzuki Hayabusa.

“There are approximately 80 LED lights embedded in the PCB board, with this view sangar body and legs but her eyes coquettishly,” Agus say.

Rays of light that many believed was enough to get through the night. The same for the rear lights. With a narrow design and is believed to have enough LED signal if done braking. Unfortunately both the front and rear lights enggak found sein, so the safety element is less ridingnya bro!

Yamaha Scorpio 2010 Sportbike Modification Specification:

Rim: Honda VFR 800
Front tire: 120/60-17 Michelin
Rear tire: 190/55-17 Michelin
Airs next: 1300 Suzuki Hayabusa
Rear Shock: Yamaha R1
Handlebars: 1300 Suzuki Hayabusa
Carburetor: PWK 38
Oil cooler: Yamaha XJR
Silencer: Kawasaki ZX7
Single sitter: Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Success Motor: 0812-5757-222


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