Thursday, October 28, 2010

The new Outlander Sport-Mitsubishi Motors
The new Outlander Sport

The new Outlander Sport is a condensed version of the successful Mitsubishi Outlander SUV. The 5-seat Sport is 13.6 inches shorter and 440 pounds lighter than the Outlander. The regular Outlander has an available V-6 engine and 7-passenger seating. The streamlining of SUVs into more compact form is a popular automotive trend.
The new Outlander Sport-Mitsubishi Motors

Unlike the 2009 Outlander, the option to choose between a four or six cylinder engine is no longer available. Previously the SE and ES models were equipped with 168 horsepower engines, so the 2010 Outlander is an obvious upgrade in that area, stabilizing at the 168 horsepower mark.

However, the 2009 XLS had a 220 horsepower V6 engine, so only a small increase in speed is available between the two different editions. Also, the 2009 Outlander had an EPA estimated 20-25 miles per gallon average, depending on the model.


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