Friday, October 22, 2010

The Hybrid New Toyota-Pirus

Are you in need of a Toyota Prius battery replacement? Well if you have done your research, you will know that it may cost you up to $5000 to replace. However, there are a couple of cheaper alternatives that might work for you.

Buy Rebuilt Batteries From People Other Than Toyota
One cheaper alternative you have is that you can buy a rebuilt hybrid battery(HB) from people other than Toyota. There are lots of people that sell rebuilt batteries online, but this may still cost you 1000's of dollars as you will have to pay for the parts and labor costs.

Recharge Your Prius Hybrid Batteries Yourself Or With Toyota
Another option you have is to recharge your HB yourself or with Toyota. If you plan to recharge your it yourself, you will need to locate the 12 volt batteries within your car and slowly recharge it. However this is not recommended as it is a very difficult procedure and there are many safety issues involved.

Toyota can also help you recharge it for you, however it may cost you up to $500 and recharging is usually only a temporarily solution to a long term problem.

So what is the best and cheapest alternative to replace your HB?
The Hybrid New Toyota-Pirus
The Hybrid New Toyota-Pirus

Usually it is seen within the warranty period the Toyota batteries run quite well. It seems after the Toyota Prius battery warranty is over is when they start to have problems. This is the time when the Toyota Prius owner has to think about a replacement.

It just doesn't seem right that after a time span of 7-8 years the Toyota Prius batteries are expected to die off. We have done the research and found the options for you to consider when your Toyota Prius battery warranty is over and your hybrid battery starts to give you weak performance.

- The first option is you can go to Toyota and have them replace your battery and unfortunately, it will be very costly. This can cost in upwards of $3500 and in some cases your car can be waiting for the parts for weeks.

- The second option for you is to buy a rebuilt battery from sellers online other than Toyota. There are many individuals on eBay which are selling rebuilt or used Prius batteries. This tends to be risky because you won't know how many miles are on the battery. This will save you some money though. You can get a battery for under $2000 dollars in a lot of cases.

- The last option is to purchase a guide which will show you how to replace the battery yourself or have a local shop do it.

When my Toyota Prius battery warranty was over and my hybrid battery gave way I searched around and found a guide that helped me, rather, guided me to construct a hybrid battery for myself. You can also try out the same option. This is the best option and it will be much cheaper than buying a new or used battery.

The Prius battery guide doesn't cost a lot and it will show you how to get your battery fixed for only a few hundred dollars. Some people will not like the fact they have to do this themselves. Don't let this alarm you there are many shops other than Toyota dealers which will take the Prius guide that you provide for them and fix your Prius battery for regular shop rates. It usually will only cost about $500 dollars to have you Prius up and running again.


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