Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honda CBR 250 Ready for Launching

Bangkok - Manufacturers Honda this afternoon ready to hit the world by launching a new motorcycle in Bangkok, Thailand. Motor to be launched no other motor CBR 250.

Until now, not much to tell about this bike because the manufacturer is still bearing the wing flapping mouth shut even though the launch has been living a few hours.

But reportedly, in this latest generation of Honda CBR 250 that will carry 249.4 cc engine capable of spraying power 32kw with torque 29.3Nm.

This launch marks a new edition of Honda in the motor sport class a quarter liter has also given birth after previous CBR 150 new generation last week.

As for Indonesia, PT Astra Honda Motor seemed well poised to see its market response. Because the plan also will be bringing CBR AHM 250 is on the mat Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS) 2010 which will take place on 3 to 7 November at the JCC, Jakarta

Want to know the details of this bike? Wait detikOto report, directly from the launch site at the Delegates Cafe and Bar, Bangkok soon. (Syu / DDN)


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