Monday, October 4, 2010

Ford Fiesta is very different than the Mazda2

Ford Fiesta has advantages over the Mazda2. Marketing Director of PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) Tuilan Davi said Ford Fiesta is very different than the Mazda2.

"Clearly different, from different engines, and of the features we are more superior than kompetitir though born in one place together," he said.

Fiesta competitors will not have a voice command feature on the audio system. With the audio system design similar to the form of a mobile phone keypad (mobile phone), then all features in it can be run through a voice command the car owner. "This is the first time in the hatchback applicable in Indonesia, even in the Mazda was not there," he said.

Also, carrying the 1.4-liter engine option and 1.6-liter, Ford also apply the technology T-VCT Duratec dual clutch 6-speed powershift special Transmission 1.6-liter engine variants. Technology systems were also considered not in the other kompetitior


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