Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Driving Art PORSCHE 911 GT3

Driving Art
Although some touch looks "young", but it all added based on the original function. For example, a vertical slit in the rear bumper to help transfer heat from the engine compartment. Wide rear wings to enter the water-intake to the engine. Grill middle on the front bumper is used to draw water into the radiator located in the middle third, while creating downforce for the car power. One new item that will also help GT3 drove, the magnetorheological engine mounts that will go up to respond to large load on the engine.

GT3 is claimed as a successful marriage between art berlintas racing, driving pleasure and, of course, the luxury of riding in the automotive world. Luxury is indicated also by touch-screen navigation with air regulator and Alcantara interior is good. Even GT3 fell to include front-end system-lift ¬ a lift spoiler bottom when it entered the gas station area.

On the streets too, the steering accurate and easily give the driver's ability to put the car through narrow gaps as desired. Sound Gerungan GT3 six-cylinder engine also provides a deep powerful impression. GT3 nearest rival with a kind of character is the Lotus Elise, although large-scale Lotus failed to attract buyers.

In addition to the highway, at any racetrack, GT3 able to give full force, empowering technology applied in its class. So, although the Porsche out different models such as the Panamera and the Cayenne, they still do not lose the true flavor, through launching 911 GT3 in the spirit


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