Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 New Honda CS1 Specs, Price and Pictures

2010 New Honda CS1 comes with a unique character because it was developed by combining the convenience of motor duck and sporty elements such as good acceleration and display of motor sport. Upright machine with a capacity of 125 cc plus 5 manual transmission makes this motor provides power and speed of the best in its class. Moreover, this motor is also equipped with a radiator / liquid cooled engine which makes not easy to heat. Acceleration and top speed is much better compared to similar motor that has a larger engine capacity.

2010 New Honda CS1 - Stallion Black

Honda CS1 AHM market price of USD 17.19 million (OTR Jakarta) with the main target man and youth aged 20-25 years, students, and novice workers. They are characterized by active, trendy, stylish and always want to perform. By targeting this market, AHM target can sell this bike as much as 2,500 units per month.

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