Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 New Honda Blade - Repsol Racing Color Edition

Honda Blade is now equipped with new front fenders that give the impression of sporty and cool. In addition, color body and stripingnya also new so that the overall appearance of the Honda Blade, especially editions of the same color with Repsol Racing Moto-GP racing bike, looks more aggressive.

With this new look Honda Blade is projected to meet the desire of young people aged 17-22 years and those young at heart, as well as strengthen the image of Honda as a motorcycle Blade young people.

Honda Blade markets from mid-October 2010 with a sales target of 16,000 units per month. Comes with four new color options, namely Speed Black, Winning Red, White Laser with a price of USD 13.84 million (on the road in Jakarta) and Orange Black as the color of Repsol Racing Edition with the price of USD 13.99 million (on the road in Jakarta).


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