Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yamaha Very Lost Rossi

Lin Jarvis, Yamaha's managing director said that Yamaha very lost the Doctor Valentino Rossi after Rossi decided to move to Ducati. Yamaha and Rossi had a very good relationship for last 7 years. Yamaha also offer Rossi more 2 years contract for 2011 and 2012. But Rossi choose Ducati for next 2 years.

Lin Jarvis said that he didn't find the reason why Rossi reject Yamaha's contract. Jarvis have a presumption that Rossi want to be the first rider on the team. That is something impossible for Yamaha with Jorge Lorenzo inside the team.

Jarvis also explain why Yamaha choose Lorenzo. At 2006, there were rumors that Rossi will leaves MotoGP and move to F1 and rally. Jarvis also said that Rossi's statement was unclear about his decision. 2006 Yamaha seal Rossi for only one year. Yamaha also prepare Jorge Lorenzo to replace Rossi (if Rossi retired from MotoGP)

"This became the end of seven years of our togetherness. During that time with Valentino was wonderful times and fun"

"He's a great racer, both in terms of its ability on the track, her ability to communicate and also became an icon. During this time he has been a tremendous ambassador for Yamaha. We really want him to retire here and then became the brand ambassador for Yamaha"

That's Jarvis said on an interview at Pacific Place Hotel, during his visit to Jakarta, Indonesia


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