Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visual Enchanting Lotus Evora 2010

Equipped with 6-speed manual transmission, Lotus will also set up automatic transmission variant. In fact, recent news says it is not surprising that there will be variants Evora hybrid or even more extreme, all-electric.

Evora is the fifth car in modern automotive history that combines the concept of 2 +2 with mid-engine layout. The other is Italian sports cars such as Lamborghini Urraco, 380GT4 Ferrari, Maserati Merak, and the Ferrari Mondial.

With a combination of expansion and the balance of the car cabin configuration with a mid-engine layout, is a major challenge for Lotus to create a Evora has a charming visual display. Thankfully, Lotus managed to resolve the issue. From the exterior, Evora did not look as the car 2 +2, 2 passenger coupe car just ordinary. Of course a solution to address the problem of these proportions is to limit the size of the rear passenger seat.


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