Sunday, October 17, 2010



This bike has plenty of features to start with, but probably the most interesting among them is the Showa Big Piston Front Fork. The system makes use of a large-diameter internal piston which is more effective under hard braking, especially before a corner, reducing damping pressure and improving front end feedback. Another strong point of the BPF is that it reduces the fork’s weight as it simplifies construction.

There was nothing to stop them at the chassis chapter either and the recipe was pretty much the same. They aimed at lighter weight so they’ve made the subframe from a two-piece aluminum die-casting, revised the frame brackets and brought a new throttle housing material on the scene. Chassis balance and mass centralization are achieved by revising the frame stiffness around the swingarm pivot and the rear engine mounts optimizes front-rear rigidity balance. Strangely, the engine’s center of gravity is 16mm higher as it gets mount with a stepper cylinder bank angle. Like on all modern super sport motorcycles, the new ZX-6R offers a short side muffler, which lowers the weight and an exhaust pre-chamber for the same purpose.

Practically built around the rider, the chassis offers a 10mm lower seating position, making it easier for riders to flatfoot the ground, but the sport riding position is enhanced by the handlebars, which have been brought closer to the rider. Also, the design of the gas tank (flat on top, narrow on the sides) reveals more space for the rider to tuck into the fairing and keep its knees close to the tank. The rake angle is now stepper for sharper cornering.


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