Friday, October 8, 2010

Sebastian Vettel Q&A: Our aim is to be ‘big in Japan’!

http://motogp-f1-races.blogspot.comFriday was a good day for Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel, after he took the top honours in both the practice sessions at the Suzuka. Even with unsettled weather conditions predicted for qualifying, Vettel is brimming with the confidence and gunning for a second successive Japanese victory on Sunday…

Q: Sebastian, what is your goal for this weekend?
Sebastian Vettel: To win. With our car it must be the aim - and this track supports that aim. Last year we were very strong here so it’s natural that we want to repeat that. The conditions will be crucial, but right now it is difficult to predict what those conditions will be. It seems a low-pressure front is coming towards us but it is still hard to say when it will hit the region.

Q: Many fear that this track seems designed to suit the Red Bull…
SV: If that were true I would eliminate the straights and add some more corners to it! Then that would be true. But yes, we are pretty confident that we will enjoy a good result here.

Q: You won last year’s race, so you must be feeling pretty confident…
SV: I like this circuit. I walked the track because you see its special characteristic more and you instinctively ask yourself why it cannot be like this anywhere else. The right combination of corners is just great - that’s what makes a great circuit.


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