Saturday, October 2, 2010

Power of the Ford Focus RS is no doubt

Power of the Ford Focus RS is no doubt, this car is proven strong. But there who think that the car was still not strong enough when compared with his attitude. As a result there is a German tuner Stoffler make the latest update of this Ford Focus. With adaptation intercooler, fuel pump repair, pipe down and the suction pipe. 2.5-liter engine from the sporty hatchback that has been providing best power to touch the numbers 356 HP and peak torque of 440 NM.

The package comes with a choice of three different exhaust systems for optimal performance, is included with sport exhaust and its remote control are made of stainless steel. If that was not enough, Stoffler also offering 200 cell sports catalytic converter and Ggr or Ggr Sport Air Filter Carbon Air Filter. This package comes with all the MOT certificate to the driver's normal path.

Stoffler not reveal how the new addition will affect the performance of the car, but unfortunately their work is still not as good tuning package provided by BRR for the same type of car. BRR able to get the focus to provide power to 404 hp and 408 lb-ft of torque. If talking aesthetics second-tuner version of the tuner are very similar, so we have to look into aspects of performance. Stoffler good experiment but unfortunately the BRR has beat him.


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