Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pilih Bison apa MegaPro?

Many wonder how the actual performance of V-Ixion with some of his closest rival. Apparently there is a test such as the following will be reviewed. But before, warn, warn to you all that we have to give two important notes on this test:

1. Most of the content of the test (test) this seems to be off the track alias using a dyno. We also do not have enough information about the "means" what is using that to determine the level of accuracy.

2. Another important factor is the extent to which the level of public accountability if the tests carried out by interested parties. Because this test is performed by the Yamaha itself as educational materials, aka product knowledge for sales, marketing and service division of them.

Although the outcome is debatable, but at least could be a reference for you before doing the tests themselves are factual.


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