Monday, October 4, 2010

Penasaran Pengen lihat Motor Honda CB600RR

honda cb600RR Type
Penasaran Pengen lihat Motor Honda CB600RR
honda cb600f hornet
Penasaran Pengen lihat Motor Honda CB600RR

Motorcycle Honda VFR BLACK EDITION

Coming to 2010, motor manufacturer in the world have pairs action with a variety of promotional bergengsinya motor variants. There was a release of the latest motorcycles, there is also a motor beautify though more stylish. Honda seem to be choosing to make over the Honda CBR600RR 2010 with re-paint 'special edition'.

Although no significant mechanical changes of this motor, the new CBR600RR-faced and still make a style very cool. Look at the female figures in the fairing like she was a sigh of sexy in this jet black berkelir motor with dibuntutnya white. The contrast really paintjobnya results. Earlier this bike berkelir original red white and blue, or black total in the whole body motor.

CBR600RR 2010 was also dipasaingi black windscreen, leather seat with a matching black motorcycle, racing stickers charming and made from carbonfibre. One of the changes in the motor may be located from the presence of Combined ABS system (C-ABS) in the performance of the brakes. The only motorsport that has this system.

Motorcycle engined 599cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder already has a good reputation. There is no motor that can win the AMA 600cc Championship and the media in addition to positive criticism CBR600RR. Well, here the motor has become the standard middle-class motorsport. It costs about U.S. $ 9799 only. Anybody want?!


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