Monday, October 4, 2010

Pedrosa Leaves Hospital After Successful Surgery

Dani Pedrosa finally leaves Clinica Dexus at Spain after successful surgery after his accident at Motegi, Japan. This Spaniard was leaves hospital at 10 AM, two days after he had an operation to insert a titanium plate in his left collarbone.

“Dani had a four-fragment chip fracture of the left collarbone and, together with Doctors (Victor) Marlet and (Ignacio) Ginebreda, we have performed a fixation with a titanium plate, made especially for the collarbone," said Dr. Mir. "We have fixed the two intermediate fragments with two compression screws."

Dr. Mir said: “48 hours after operating on Dani Pedrosa’s fractured left collarbone, which we fixed using a titanium plate, the post-operation process is correct and yesterday he started to make small passive movements of his shoulder and elbow."

"We have discharged him and today he will start active-passive rehabilitation with his trusted physiotherapist. We will meet again next Wednesday to treat him again and check how the injury is evolving.”

Now Pedrosa is ready for an 'active-passive' rehabilitation under the supervision of his physiotherapist. And let see, for the next Pedrosa's action on track


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