Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pantaskah KTM RC8 1190 Disejajarkan Ducati motorcycles

KTM RC8 intended to compete with the Ducati 1098. RC8 1190 has the specifications and capabilities are similar to 1098, but with a lower price. In fact, the mechanics Mattighofen deliberately designed for horse power generated is identical to power in 1190 RC8 1098. A source said that KTM bought, not just one but two new 1098 Ducati motorcycles as study materials. It is not an unusual thing for the motor manufacturers to study the competitors product.

RC8 ignition system very quickly. When the ignition is turned, the engine will immediately roared loud in a voice that will make other riders jealous.
Regarding the ergonomic seats and seating, the first impression is visible is indeed such RC8 seat seat motor sports in general, but not as extreme as most other motor racing. As I sat on it, you'll feel like sitting in the middle of the motor, instead of on top of the front wheels. Control of the rearview mirror is also easy with automatic key. For the size of motor sports, classified RC8 large mirror.


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