Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gambar dan Spesifikasi Yamaha Lexam 2010

Gambar Yamaha Lexam 2010

Yamaha Lexam will crush Honda Techno AT Revo?

Automatic motorcycle market segment (automatic) in the last three years continues to increase. Seeing the potential of the Astra Honda Motor has launched the Revo Techno AT as automatic motorcycle. Well, step Yamaha and Honda has staked out a while longer, rumored, Lexam Yamaha will release in Indonesia.

2010 Yamaha Lexam Matic

2010 Yamaha Lexam Bebek Matik
If traced, Yamaha has had a motorcycle automatic duck by the name Yamaha Lexam since November 2009. Lexam marketed in Vietnam.

The news 'bird' that develops, YMKI Lexam will release later this year. Unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation from the YMKI, including the names you use this automatic motorcycle in Indonesia.

Lexam 113.7 cc engine equipped with Yamaha Vega ZR degan basis, using the transmission system of continuously variable transmission (CVT). Injection SOHC engine generates 8.40 hp at 8000 rpm with a torque of 8.23 Nm at 6500 rpm.


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