Monday, October 4, 2010

FERRARI CALIFORNIA Transmission 7-speed automatic / manual

Transmission 7-speed automatic / manual Getrag-owned California is a perfection, even better than traditional F1 transmission are present in almost all models of Ferrari. The speed of transition from one speed to another is always a point Prancing horse power of the manufacturer of this and many nano-second intervals each year is reduced so that now almost can not be measured again. In addition, the first shock produced by the traditional F1 transmission is now disappearing. What you find now is a constant acceleration with a beautiful voice in the transition acceleration.

Other Ferrari models have a system of "launch control", but the feature is nothing more than another way to more quickly eliminate traction tires that can cost millions. California has a launch control system is true. How do I work? Turn off the traction control CST, stepped on the brake, press the launch control, wait for the beep, and stepped deep into the accelerator. When engine speed reaches 3000 rpm, lift your foot from the brake pedal. All you need to do is just keep your car running straight. California new transmission, if its set in launch mode, will increase to the point of maximum acceleration.

How fast is California? It takes only 3.5 seconds to reach speed of 60 mph, while a quarter-mile distance is within 11.9 seconds at a speed of 117.4 mph! Very impressive for a car that weighs 3916 pounds. Although California has a ceramic brakes like those of other Ferrari models, setting a completely different system. Ferrari has changed the braking system is to become more friendly to users.

Interior Fantastic
Other Ferrari models are equipped with ceramic brakes which tend to be very aggressive and power cengkeramnya too strong. Maybe it would be efficient if used in the circuit, but if applied on the streets, then you will be disturbed if the need to stop at a red light. Ferrari make that system more efficient by synchronizing between how quickly the brakes stamped with the sensitivity of the braking system. Moreover, California is a GT car, not a race car. Although Ferrari make changes to the braking system, California is still able to stop properly. Distance of 100 feet is the distance needed to bring this car to stop the total of the speed of 60 mph.

When invited along the street, the first thing you'll feel is California's very comfortable to drive. Unlike the F430 that feels so rough and aggressive. But do not be afraid because of convenience Ferrari California does not keep the blood flowing in it disappeared. Car body tend to be unstable if the entry and exit a corner because of the weight of this car is big enough, but it's not something bad. Again, keep in mind is brought California GT car used to beat up city streets, not the racing circuit.

Interior California is a fantastic development of Ferrari. Not that any other Ferrari model has an ugly interior, but California is the best Ferrari ever made so far. California has a racing seat option which means it will be very effective on the race track, but it would be torture if used daily. This chair is comfortable and your body with good grip. Better still, the size and shape of the driver's seat can be ordered in accordance with posture and your desires. Similarly, passenger seat that can be customized.

Ferrari has done a phenomenal drastic step after creating California, even almost redefine the process of making cars. California represents a new stage in the history of Ferrari who previously has had a variety of other automotive masterpiece.

Ferrari Manufacturer
Production 2008
Class Grand Tourer
Body Style 2-door, 4-seat coupe Cabriolet
Front mid-engine layout, rear-wheel drive
Engine 4.297 cc V8
Transmission (s) 7-speed dual-clutch automated manual 6-speed manual
Fuel Capacity 78 L
Price $ 209.071


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