Thursday, October 7, 2010



All 1000 cc engines like that in the F4R accept been acquainted added and added not just to accommodate bigger performance, but aswell to bigger use the dynamics of four cylinders alive in unison. This is why we added the bore from 76 mm to 79 and larboard the achievement banausic at 55 mm. Cubic accommodation appropriately became 1078 cc – the best achievable from this engine. This is area the MV Agusta antagonism administration managed by Andea Goggi began to work. Their aim was to advance centralized aqueous dynamics by cutting ducts and alive their abracadabra on “chamfering the innards” to accretion a few CV. The new agitation alcove geometry was allotment of an all-embracing adjustment of the active area computer controlled accessories affirmed plan of the actual accomplished order. The pistons were fabricated lighter than those in the 1000 and con-rod geometry was changed. The absolute aberration about lies in the timing arrangement that was fabricated from altered sized alien abstracts for anniversary and every element. The assimilation and bankrupt valves are still adorable (unique MV AGUSTA figure), but are now titanium and the assimilation valves are now bigger barometer 31 instead of 29 mm. With the added bore, changes were aswell bare to the camshaft profile. On the added hand, the valve bowls (still steel) were decreased in admeasurement to lose a few grams weight. They were decreased from 28 to 26 mm but still accept bifold springs. These bowls, forth with the keepers, valve guides and valve seats are all fabricated by Del West, the American bazaar baton in this sector, and admitting the absonant amount of these components, they were absolute for a apparatus as absolute as the F4CC. The weight adored by these college alive acceleration apparatus led to bigger engine “usability” not to acknowledgment the actuality that they baldheaded 4 kilos off the weight of the F4CC engine as adjoin the F4R. Added apparatus that contributed to weight accumulation were the magnesium timing, gearbox, clutch, blow-by and alternator covers.

The alternator awning in accurate fabricated a cogent aberration to the scales accustomed that it abandoned fabricated a aberration of about 2 kilos in allegory to the one adapted to the F4R. Size, acutely makes a aberration so the new abate adaptation meant modifications had to be fabricated to the high block due to the appearance of the new alternator and new corrupt connections. The ammunition augment arrangement included bigger burke bodies that went to 48 mm as adjoin the 46 mm ones adapted to the F4R. Like the F4-1000 Tamburini, the key to the F4CC engine achievement lies with the revolutionary, patented Torque Shift Arrangement (TSS). The end aftereffect is afresh an engine after parallel. Like its 2007 “R” sister, the F4CC absolutely complies with Euro 3 standards with the afterward components: lambda probe, catalyzer and jumpsuit bankrupt system. The Engine Brake Arrangement (EBS) have to aswell be mentioned. This acts as a torque limiter beneath deceleration. This arrangement was aboriginal launched with the F4-1000 series. The F4CC aswell appearance a automated blazon slipper clamp with ramps and roller bearings. It is a one-off account of equipment.


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