Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010-2011 The new YAMAHA-BISON



2010-2011 The new YAMAHA-BISON

Appearances FZ160 able to defeat the specifications and performance V-Ixion

Ok, in terms of appearance FZ160 certainly look more fierce. Because the base model used is the Yamaha FZ6 and FZ1 streetfighter who is true. And as usual here is the appearance of all things, as well as soap operas where the performance artist looks is more important than acting ability. The following advantages compared FZ 160 V-Ixion:

1. Rear tire size of 140 was recorded higher than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R though.
2. Bison FZ160 exhaust form that resembles YZF-R6 is much more beautiful than the stock muffler's V-Ixion.
3. FZ160 a large tank in addition to support the appearance is also convenient to support
4. FZ160 more modern headlamps headlamp ketibang V-Ixion is still retro
5. Although tuna radiator but FZ160 engine fully visible, while the V-Ixion Hollow.
6. In overalls bull-like shape FZ160 more handsome than the conventional V-Ixion

So if FZ160 Bison released before the V-Ixion Vixi fate could be not as good now. But that certainly should YMKI pleased to soon release this bike, considering the price is below Vixi at least they are not only able to increase sales but also capable of attacking yamaha 125cc motorcycle as Bajaj XCD 125, Thunder until megapro. ... Is subjective you know!


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