Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yamaha Jupiter Extreme


Alfitrio motor madness will not stop too extreme. Solo Bikers Club frontman of this community collaboration with Lulux Modified back to rebuild his Yamaha Jupiter back and forth a mainstay cah - cah BSOC to invade contest Otre modif.

"If had not been full of chrome this time I developed a full chrome flexy fathers," Pelo familiar corocos bersapaan this guy. Next sector was always so focused Lulux Modified and the gang, to the front fork selonjor Honda GL Pro cut followed by application of the front foot cantilever bersokbeker BMX as much as four seeds.

Pengaspal sector this front wheel trends apply doi Tronton of three black rubber rim Speed Owen 2.00-17 annexed orsi orbitech Armed twelve ball bearing 6301.
Pengaspal rear donut also applied on the back foot, only in this sector, car rims 13 "wrapped around 175/60/13 Bridgestone picked in order to align the front legs.

"The drive system is not already use the collaboration system katro because V-Belt Pulleys from AC Cars and compressors," added the doi. "To be more stable when pitted in a contest arena, the two models flexy motto can be applied in turn," cap Pelo.


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