Saturday, January 1, 2011


Most inovative DubStyler
There is a difference in motor Shogun Dub City on this one. Thorough section separator color striping Dub. In addition to its not unusual, that is the theme alias flag racing checkered flag. This section is made does not arise aka cuman disaput airbrush but I'll be three-dimensional constrained when touched.

"We always make a difference, do not want dikembarin," enthusiastic Ardiartho, owner Shogi Dub residents Jl. II, No. 82 Probolinggo Yudarso this. Bikinnya clear kudu painstaking. Told you to use metal and fiber but more play putty.

Before being planted, putty, sanded surface rough surface for more bite. So contrived flag boxes one by one following the contours of striping Dub. Mattress can use fiber affixed to a box shape. "If cuman with putty material, less powerful bite," the reason again.

For the smooth surface, the putty should be sanded more fiber. Bikinnya not until a week definitely finished.

More ngeDub and festive. A sprinkling of diamond seeds are planted following the curve of striping. Ngandalin pair of small drill and glue alteco. "This is just one part
'fun games' war Dub City. Are excited about more and more acquaintances, 'excited the most inovative Dub penyabet styler.


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