Saturday, December 4, 2010

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Thunder 250 Jogyakarta

It is undeniable, as cool and as extreme as any modifications are applied to a motor, aesthetics and function can not be removed within the motor itself. This is precisely what Soelarso Ivan from Ivan's Custom home modifications based on Jl. Punto Dewo 58, Kutuwates 7.8 Sinduadi, Sleman, Yogyakarta in every execution of modifications.

"Any modifications that have been completed kerjaain gw, gw serahin not directly to consumers but I had about two weekly tests. Let tuh motor modif not home, but in terms of functionality, comfort and performance of motor tuh fixed maximum, both for digeber and lift, "explained Ivan.

Is Suzuki Thunder 250 alerts in 2004 that overhauled Ivan with a little pinch on his composition style of street fighter. Shaped vessels made a little swollen from the original and the stern was made a little thin, short and looked up, prepared to adjust its consumer desires, Edward.

"From the conversation with the owner of Thunder Edward is, he wants his Suzuki Thunder looks more weight and muscle on the front, while the rear a little more slender and short. Finally I cut the frame about 28 cm with the addition of a new framework that is more sharp. This design also adjust the posture of the owner alias sekidikit weighted fat, "joked he was born in Yogyakarta.
Gambar Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Thunder 250 Jogyakarta

Utilizing the main ingredient of fiber, Ivan also combine several parts of the product belongs to Honda CS1 and Kawasaki KLX 250. According to the modifier, the front display in the end a bit like the Suzuki B-King with a fatter tank. Seeing the results of his composition, the tercetuslah idea to name it as Dhodho Menthok Thunder.

"When the tank Seeing a fat and plump, finally occurred to love ya name as Dhodho Menthok motor. In the Indonesian language danging described as a plump chicken chest. Or as a whole, such as Pamela Anderson's body, "said Ivan, laughing.

To adjust the design and feasibility of this bike path, the placement of the front sign lights positioned at the water scoop at the left and right sides of the tank. While the section is positioned on the side spatboard bekalang.

And to add to the look that looks extreme on the tank that mimics the style of KTM Duke, Ivan pinch cap of Kawasaki Ninja 150.

  • The execution of this takes a long time, to cost about USD 12 million silver.
  • Photo: Benny Prasad & Haryo Advanced
  • Specifications Suzuki Thunder 250 Dhodho Menthok
  • Head Lamp: Kawasaki KLX 250
  • Rear Lights: Honda CS 1
  • Signing Front Lamp: Supra X 125
  • Sein Rear Lights: Car Genio
  • Fat Bar handlebar + Riser: ZOX
  • Disc Brakes Front: Wave TDR
  • Caliper Front: Thunder 250
  • Caliper Rear: Satria FU 150
  • Arm: Ivan's Custom
  • Seat: Ivan's Custom
  • Wheels Front: Power 17
  • Rear wheel: Power 17
  • Tires Front: 110/70-17 Duro
  • Tires Rear: Battlax 150/70-17
  • Muffler: Ivan's Custom
  • Ivan's Custom: Jl. Punto Dewo 58, Kutuwates 7.8 Sinduadi, Sleman, Yogyakarta. (081392392975)


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