Saturday, December 4, 2010

Modified Honda Astrea Grand: Let Cungkring But Modis

To bring fashionable impression, color tone candy blue paint with a choice of dressings this Grand body. Meanwhile, to present the impression of retro, the addition of white wall tires front and rear are also not behind. Includes breathing body behind so it looks shorter.

"Basically I just want to look distinct motor aja nih. Gak original rich who have started diliat not tasty, "he added.

Something similar is recognized Irul, a workshop co Acong who also participated in the surgical process Honda Astrea Grand this. After the motor nih transformed, even so the fight this Grand as a motor repair shop operations.

Gambar Modifikasi Motor Honda Astrea Grand: Let Cungkring But Modis

"While we were still the original form of boro-boro is a ngelirik, thieves think segen deket aja nih-deket motor. But it was so easy to change shape, even so the fight my friends, especially during week-end. Let me be a little Cungkring body, but rather make mejeng because it could be the center of attention of the girls, "explained the man who was familiarly called Mamang this.

Talk Astrea rubahan fund this problem, Acong just poured a fund of Rp 3 million in silver only.
Workshop: One Heart Motorcycle Community 021 97991179


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