Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Williams to supply gearboxes to HRT

Williams have announced on Tuesday that they will supply gearboxes to HRT from 2011. The deal between the two teams will extend for the lifecycle of the current Cosworth engine technology.

“This is a logical partnership given Williams and Hispania’s mutual relationship with Cosworth,” explained Williams CEO Alex Burns. “Our gearbox technology has consistently proven itself as both competitive and reliable, and hence this agreement will be a positive development for both organisations.”

HRT team principal, Colin Kolles, added: “This technical partnership is a significant step forward for Hispania Racing HRT F1 Team to improve its performance. We are very happy to do this with an engineering company and race team like Williams F1 which has an impressive track record and astonishing heritage.”

Although HRT are yet to score a point in their debut Formula One season, they are currently 11th in the championship table, ahead of fellow new team Virgin.


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