Monday, November 22, 2010

Modifikasi New Yamaha Vixion "Evolution Custom"

Yamaha V-Ixion result of this modification include quite unique. Kinds of mounts for the competition alias endurance test endurance trail abroad.

Motor arable Mugi Eling familiar with the home modifications Evolution Custom (EC) was also tested to extremes. The route-Purwokerto Jogja bejarak more than 300 miles each way. This means that more than 600 miles round trip.
Modifikasi Motor New Yamaha Vixion Evolution Custom

"The owner of this bike is unique. He wanted to test the rear chassis and body construction. Crazy again she lift, "chortled modifier slang called U'i from Navan Town Mendoan this.

It's really unique, especially to the owner of any motor baseball anonymity. Tau deh, mysterious or unwilling fame. You know, if you've hung out in the book of magic true biker is, will the famous deh a country, he .. he .. he ....
More crazy again, the test is not alone. Jok piece so rich WJS typical style, was forced to lift. Wadoh, alesan ya, I'll be stuck to her seat.

Technical one priority, U'i feel not too complicated. In addition to already katam about WJS, U'i lived take the benchmark style. Modifier who likes to wear shorts this, use stop lights Honda CS-1 as an initial reference. Only later, everything is adjusted the design and dimensions. "Having met the corner, just deh frame construction began contrived," cuap father of two sons.

Rake angle more than 45 degrees. Material used as the framework is ¾ inch pipe. Stand under the welded on the back deltabox. While the upper end of the handle as well as rear lights.

"Bone the top nemplok directly on the original chassis located at the bottom of the tank directly to deltabox," added the modifier ngendon on Jl. Youth No. 709, Puwokerto this. Construction was confirmed patent, so U'i sure strong. While electric welding on an additional order was also performed steadily.

Although simple, but the modifiers used to play this chopper would like the front looks gambot and slightly puffy. However, little problem, because the framework of the V-Ixion small. Kalu imposed would be less good in design. The term word, less matching, Bro!

Moreover U'i also retain the original deltabox. So that the motor still looks full and dense. Only, this skinny-boned boy add forms headlights handmade let the front view in harmony with the overall harmonosasi. Also sein CS-1 are deliberately placed on the body front.


Talk of the body, modifiers that make the project more extreme motor is indeed always have a hallmark on every garapanya. That is, the detail and highlight the contours. Moreover U'i known as super detail on environmental modifiers WJS (West Java Style.)

So do not be surprised if a man without a mustache is intentionally making body with full curves and a fine line. "Because with curves and lines can be created accentuate the contours obtained. That motor looks dynamic and have a clear feature, "sure modifiers really understand the science of this design.

In addition to strong on the detail, U'i also dare to mix color. Although the taste of regular gahar motors use a darker color, U'i play with bright colors. Add a little decoration and writing numbers. At least, the impression persists wild there. Stay in line with a true streetfighter wild style.


Front tire: 110/70-17 Duro
Rear tire: 130/70-17 Duro
Rims: Sprint
Headlights: Variations
Taillights: CS-1
Handlebars: Pinch variation
Muffler: Hand Made
EC: (0281) 621-790
Author / Photo: Andi


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