Friday, November 5, 2010

Modifikasi Yamaha Xeon Big Scooter

Modifikasi Yamaha Xeon Big Scooter

Who is not familiar Yamaha Xeon, Yamaha Indonesia a new automatic motor 125 cc engine, equipped with a number of the latest technology. In terms of Power, XEON has DiASil Forged Cylinder and Piston. Another advantage of is the throttle position sensor XEON, XEON also has a CVT that integrates cooling channels in order to position the high air channel so as to prevent water and dust into the room CVT.

Starter clutch on the XEON is a wet type (submerged oil) which makes the process of starting the engine to be more gentle. One more, with Ergonomic Seat Design, create wider luggage and can store more lots of goods, including half face helmet.

Make you a hobby modif, Best Modified Motor Blog's got a picture for the inspiration you modif Xeon Yamaha Concept Thai version, cekidot ....


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