Tuesday, November 16, 2010

E Scooter Concept MINI, Cool MINI Cooper Scooters

Maybe like this is a form of a Mini Cooper that made scooters. Spontaneous, flexible, free CO2, that's the characteristics that will be owned by an electric motor MINI Scooter E.

Scooter Concept MINI E is paired with an electric motor integrated in the rear wheel. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery this bike at any outlet by using a cable on-board in the motor.

The most interesting feature of this scooter is to use the smartphone as a key. Its main instrument is a round consists of an adapter for a smartphone - is not explained what a compatible smartphone but it's iPhone compatible - which act as the key to this motor, and the main control screen. Once the mania techno enter the smartphone into the adapter and turn it on, this scooter is ready to be driven. With this configuration, the MINI E Scooter Concept provides a new alternative in integrating the functions of infotainment, communication and navigation into a two-wheeled vehicle. While the techno mania drove with this scooter, the smartphone is plugged in it can be used as a navigation system, music player or phone when needed. A helmet is equipped with Bluetooth wireless from a collection of the MINI will answer all the needs. it. Meanwhile, the techno mania can view videos and galleries that we provide below.


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