Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Abarth NGR Concept Electric Superbike [Zero-Emissions Electric Racing Motorcycle Uses Hubless Technology]

By themselves, motorbikes are considered to be more energy-efficient than four-wheeled vehicles. However, Abarth plans to up the ante with its zero-emissions design using a hubless construction. What’s interesting is that the motorcycle, dubbed the next-generation racer (NGR) is designed for acceleration, speed and performance. All that in an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly design.
abarth nextgen racer
The Italian brand usually produces racing cars and tunes production cars and motorcycles to racing specs. This time around, they have designed a motorcycle from ground up using an aerodynamic design with ducts meant to drive in cool air to its battery and electric motor.
The hubless technology gets rid of the drive chain, which is usually a source of inefficiency. This also enables the NGR to use regenerative braking–the kinetic energy from slowing down is used to drive power back into the batteries.
And if you notice, there are no gauges on the concept bike. Abarth intends to project performance data directly onto a heads-up display on the helmet’s visor.


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