Friday, January 22, 2010

Features Gilera 850 Twin Prototype

Features Gilera 850 Twin Prototype

Which displays a six-speed transmission in a small and lightweight 839cc engine, fuel injection prototype should be able to see the production (yes, usually within the same framework of this - remember, Piaggio is now part owner of Cagiva). Expect the 2003 model year marked Gilera trademark.

These twin carefully being developed by chief engineer Masut Lucio (pictured right), and ultimately will be produced in both 850 and 1020cc versions, both for motorcycles and scooters to use (yes, the mega-scooters will be larger, but ).

We warn you that last September Piaggio Gilera came on strong with the marque. V-twin that will compliment the already available 600 Gilera SupersPort introduced last year. The SupersPort, of course, contain a Suzuki GSX-R600 motorcycle, while the v-twins will show Piaggio designed and engineered machine.


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