Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yamaha Mio Modified New

Yamaha Mio Modified Newseemed really attracted to the theme of U Mild cigarettes. The proof is in the arena U Mild U Bikers Festrack 2009 in Jakarta some time ago he had a candidate lansiran 2008 Mio Soul's nuanced his full U Mild.

"Lowrider minimalist concept," said a member of Jakarta's Mio Club. For the sake of realizing his ideas, Faisal combine innate body skutik tuning fork with a new body created custom.

The results of his own concoction also penetrated into the spakbor front and back, legs up like a mirror a small part. "Everything is custom abis," said this man. Faisal engine business while still appearing membiarkanya standards.

To be more muscular, TDR rim ring width of 14 inches with 2.5 the front and 6 inch rim with a round sikulit size 90/80/14 and 120/60/14. Faisal deliberately chose rim radius 72, let me stay up minimalist impression.

Kelar making body looks more semok, he then worked on his screen Mio Soul. This is typical of Ditahap U Mild displayed.

Starting from the front, left and right side, up to the stern, all shades of the event U Mild U Bikers Festrack 2009. Color white and blue blend well with the scene exactly kumpulnya the archipelago's bikers.

Even more ridiculous, Faisal deliberately pinned some mild U pack as this bike mejeng at Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran, some time ago.


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