Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yamaha V-ixion Modif CBR 1000


Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify

Banjar home builder's flat to try to share a strong characteristic features of the BMW 1000 RR and Honda CBR 1000 RR.

Like the double seat design (double-sitter) who is very strong with model CBR 1000 RR. While the gas tank, swing arm, Hornet, and the front motorcycle speedboard, clear taste BMW. Only, factors related to difficulties experienced by Jeni tank design because the original owners do not want to change.

Jeni's not if you can not handle it. Way, the design of the tank made of condoms in order, in addition to the original tank is retained, also facilitate standardization and maintenance. However, the process is fairly difficult recognized because they have to be divided into four sections (top left and right side). Then cradle made in the bottom of the tank.

Then the bottom left and right side together with the battery cover. "The most important thing before the installation of condom tank is coated with the original tank insulation on all parts of the meeting," he says.

When forming fiber, Kang Ade using clay as a medium of design. Step this way many designers do the motor of Europe. The advantage, according to Ade, in addition to the work easier because the texture of clay is very elastic and easily shaped like anything. The result was optimal.


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